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Olympiacos C.F.P. is the most glorified professional football club in Greece. It was exalted to the footprint not in vain. At present, the team is the holder of a record 41 Greek League titles, 26 Greek Cups trophies, 16 Doubles awards, and 4 Greek Super Cup titles, making a total record of 71 national #1 positions. That is one of the reasons why Olympiacos live stream events are accompanied with a striking support.

The club’s dominating success is ascertained by two unbelievable records: the highest prize in six and seven consecutive national championships within 1954-1959 and 1997-2003 seasons respectively. Most probably, no other Greek team would surpass such stunning results in the nearest future. By the way, Olympiacos is one of only three national clubs to have never been relegated from the top-flight division.

Measuring from the viewpoint of other European grandees, an award-winning football club from Piraeus is not as successful. It managed to reach the quarter-finals of the European competitions twice in history: UEFA Champions League in 1998-99 and European Cup Winners’ Cup in 1992-93. Nonetheless, measuring from national viewpoint, it has achieved the heights which are beyond the powers of other clubs from Greece.

Karaiskakis Stadium has been Olympiacos’ home ground for many years. In 2003, before the 2004 Olympics, the team’s management took the responsibility to renovate the venue for the further use as a football ground during the Games. In return, it received exclusive rights to utilize the venue till 2052, along with tax obligations and maintenance costs. Today the ground is considered by the European community as one of the most advanced and neat pitches on the continent.

‘Derby of the eternal enemies’ is the event that draws thousands of rubbernecks and Olympiacos p2p stream devotees. Such metaphorical name was given to the encounters with Panathinaikos from Athens. According to ardent fan bases of both rivals, matches between the teams are more than football opposition; it’s rather an opposition of the working class of Piraeus and the higher-society in the capital city.

Furthermore, Olympiacos players typically wear shirts with red-and-white vertical stripes, white or red shorts and socks. These two colors also predominate in the club’s official crest, where red stands for passion and white – for virtue. The logo contains the laureate teen who symbolizes a winner of the Olympics.

03 March 2024
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